Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Long Day

We had Brooklyn's annual IFSP meeting. That makes for a long day. (For those of you who do not know what an IFSP meeting is......be thankful.)
Basically it is writing Brooklyn's Early Intervention therapy plan for the next year. Well......6 months. She turns three in May which mean their services stop and we start all over again with the public school system. It is an overwhelming day because it forces you to talk about all of things we need to be working on with her. She has come SO FAR and works SO HARD but there is always more to do, more goals that are not being met. It is all exhausting.
We also started the paperwork for her first wheelchair.
Those are not words a mom ever wants to say. I do not care how cool they can make them or all the girly colors they come in. I guess that softens the blow a bit but moms should be picking out their daughters first ballet slippers not wheelchairs. I know after a good nights rest I will feel better except for the fact that we will be spending the entire day at the hospital for her Upper GI, Swallow Study, and EKG. Maybe that "better" feeling will come later.....thanks for listening. It has been a long day.


steve-o said...

You know, if anyone can make a wheelchair look truly girly/awesome, I think it's you.

Kelly, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know the blog is a chance for you to release your true feelings and we get to know what you guys are going through all the better because of it. As we continue to pray for y'all I think this is a beneficial medium.

We love you guys.

shannon said...

praying for you today

Kelly said...

I echo what Steve said: we love hearing about your lives and getting to know specific things we can praise God for and ask Him for on your behalf.

Kaelyn is carrying around her copy of the little cards you made for the Rett walk. She says "broo broo" when she sees Brooklyn! :)