Friday, October 26, 2007

Thanks for helping support Rett Syndrome Awareness Month Aunt Kristin!

My Aunt Kristin made this flyer to hand out to all the teachers in her school building!!

This is a picture of my Aunt Kristin and me. She said that she teaches with you at Carlin Park Elementary School! I want you to know that I appreciate all of your prayers you have said for my mommy, my daddy and me!
She thought you might want to help me raise money for research towards a cure!
Do you search the Internet occasionally? OK......daily?If so, you can help raise money for Rett Syndrome research! Simply go to In the middle of the page you will see this:WHO DO YOU GOODSEARCH FOR? This is where you type in "Rett Syndrome Research Foundation" and click the verify button. the Internet using this search engine and money will be donated to Rett Research. It does not get much easier than that! When someone at work asks you what you are doing searching the Internet you can HONESTLY say "I am raising money to help find a cure for Brooklyn!"
Thank you Aunt Kristin to sharing this information with all of your teacher Friends at school!


Casdok said...

I will get right on it!

scott said...

Brookie, i am so sorry to hear about your trip to the e.r., but after seeing you last Sat and all smiles with your mac & cheese covered face, with your mommy & daddy, i know in my heart and head that you will be fine...Kelly & "Chuck", you guys rock!!!....let me know if there is anything that i can do....and Brookie, please tell your Aunt Kristin that we need to get her a real football jersey to wear and not that Cleveland Browns one that she was wearing the other day....take care sweetie