Thursday, October 18, 2007

Here are a few pictures of our visit with the Clark family. Haley and Charlie's dance competition
Brooklyn and Haley
Hunter and Snickers

Our family has two BIG thank yous.

First, thank you Emily for getting our $400 hotel room for $99 dollars, you ROCK. We spent our first night in Houston at the Marriott which is a block away from Texas Children's Hospital. It was perfect for our appointments.

The second night we stayed with my cousin Aaron and his family Brandy, Hunter, and Haley. It was so nice to see them all again. Brooklyn was only 5 months old when we all saw each other the last time. We had lots to catch up on!

They were GREAT, they took us out to dinner (and introduced us to the best rolls ever!!) the first night and then we actually stayed with them our second night because they live 10 minutes from the airport- perfect for our 7:00 AM flight!! Aaron was our personal chauffeur the entire time we were there. It look a lot of worry out of our trip. Thanks again Clark's!!!! We will see you again next time!


shannon said...

So glad you're back safely. I hope you get that much needed rest. I'm sure I speak for all of your loyal readers when I say, we are looking forward to hearing lots more about your trip! Love you guys.

Susy said...

Glad to hear the trip went well.