Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Rett Buddy Taylor

I am so lucky to have another super cool Rett girl living right here in Angola! I went over to her house for pizza last night. Taylor let me swing in her swing and her brother Cody let me sit in is big bean bag chair! Guess what??? They even had a Wiggles movie they let me watch! Thanks Raab family for letting me hang out with you, next time the party is at my house!

Mommy wants to also thank Bridget for helping her with all her Medical paperwork, she showed mommy three HUGE binders full of paperwork. I think she encouraged mom to keep organized day by day! I also got to see Taylor's x-rays from her scoliosis surgery. They were pretty neat, that Taylor....she is one tough chic!


Casdok said...

Sounds cool!

aunt kristin said...

Maybe Jackson & I can come over and visit with you guys next time! I would LOVE to meet Taylor and her family!

Rebecca said...

Brooklyn, have your mom email me at caitlynsmomma@msn.com I need to tell her more than I can fit in the comment box!

Grammy said...

Brooklyn, I can't wait to meet your new friends! Did you like Taylor's pony? It looks like the ponies on the Wiggles DVD with Farmer Brown!