Thursday, October 25, 2007

Millions of lives will be touched

There was an article published about a very generous gift to Texas Children's Hospital. Mr & Mrs Duncan donated 50 MILLION to Neurological Research. They were inspired to make the donation based on the lack of research in this area. What a blessing to all of our lives that are affected personally with Rett Syndrome. I mailed my personal thank you to his business today. That might sound silly but with that kind of money donated to neurological research you never know - you know the slogan "Care today, Cure tomorrow!" So thank you Duncan's for caring TODAY!


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely wonderful! I am so glad you sent the Thank You note - that was very kind of you to do.

You never know, a cure could be right around the corner.

With much love to Brooklyn, Momma and Charlie.

Margie & George

Casdok said...

50 mil! Wow. Yes i would have written to!