Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Brooklyn's friend Edda

Here is a great picture of Edda with her mom Doris.
Unfortunately, Brooklyn is still under the weather. Since I have no major news to share on Beaner, I want to share a great post from Brooklyn's friend Edda. She is one of Brooklyn's Rett Buddies. Her mom Doris posted some photos of Edda's recent success with using a fork. For those of you who know the struggles our girls have with feeding themselves you know what a huge accomplishment it is that she is using a fork too. Be sure to check out the pictures! Good Job EDDA!
(That is her daddy Jeremy and her very cute big brother Vince in the pictures with her.)

1 comment:

Kelly said...

That is an amazing accomplishment! Way to do Edda!

I'm sorry your sweetie is still sick. I am just amazed that even though Jenelle is not a Rett girl, they have so many similar traits. Right down to feeding issues!

Hang in there!