Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Good News!

We saw Dr. Khan yesterday afternoon and we loved her! She is great and very familiar with Rett Syndrome (YEAH!!!) She reviewed Brooklyn's EEG and determined that she was for sure having seizures. Also, while we were meeting with her Brooklyn had a seizure so that helped Dr Khan see how Brooklyn typically reacts. The good news (well GREAT news actually) is that at this time no 24 hour EEG is needed!!!
We started Brooklyn on her anti-seizure medicine (for all the Rett mom's reading this, we are trying Keppra.) We will see how she reacts on the medication and go from there. It is SO COMFORTING to know we have taken the initial steps to controlling the seizures! I can breath a brief sigh of relief. I will keep everyone up on how she is doing.
(A quick thanks to all my friends who keep in touch via blog comments, emails, & calls. Your support means the world to me!)


Amanda said...

That is awesome news!! Thank you for keeping us up to date. I check the blog like 10 times a day!!

Samson James said...

So glad you all liked the doctor! Keep us posted!