Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Surgery Date

Many of you remember me posting THIS picture of Brooklyn's hip. Well - surgery has been scheduled.
We will be over in Chicago on April 3rd for the day doing pre-op, registration, and labs then will go back on April 11th for the actual hip reconstruction and muscle lengthening surgery. I am not sure why actually having the date on the calendar is hitting me so hard. We have been thinking about it for months now and knew it was coming. I guess this is just another one of those "I hate what Rett Syndrome puts Brooklyn through" moments. I should also say that there is a chance that surgery will be postponed if her seizures are not under control.
We have been battling them a lot lately - we are not on our "therapeutic level" of Valproic Acid and hope that Brooklyn will be seizure free SOON. My poor baby has had a rough few months and to top it off she has been home since since Friday :( and she LOVES school!
Please keep the prayers coming for me and the kiddos. I feel a teeny bit stressed right now.

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