Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Christmas Play

Brooklyn and mommy before the play - we were SO PUMPED that she ended up having a great afternoon as was able to go after our morning was filled with seizures - thank you all for your prayers!!
This years Christmas Program was titled "The Perfect Christmas Recipe"
OF COURSE Brooklyn is on the NICE list!!

She was a Volkswagon Van for the "Life is a Highway" song - TOO CUTE! Bad timing with this picture - because the girl was grinning from ear to ear all night!!! (isn't that always the way!.?)

Here she was getting ready to go in and play her part as "Cogsworth" from Beauty an the Beast. Her line was recorded on a switch. - She added "endurance" into the recipe :)
It was dark in there - hard to get a good pic!
Brookie during the group sing.
Brookie and Pappy :)
Her "star" poster outside the auditorium


Chiot's Run said...

She looks so happy in that first photo, I love it! It's so nice that she can be involved in something like this, bet you were a proud mama last night! I remember playing an angel in a Christmas play when I was little, it was so much fun!

Marta said...

Gotta admit that I got really choked up and shed a few (happy) tears looking at the pictures of Brookie during the play. She's such an awesome kid (and great inspiration to Caroline) and you are a super mama.

Carrie Petry said...

It looks like she had so much fun Kelly!!! I can't wait for Madison to be in plays at her school when she gets a little older.

Anonymous said...

Brookie Bean, you did a fantastic job in the play! You were the cutest clock AND the "grooviest" car EVER!!!

I love you!