Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year I wrote THIS post about Thanksgiving. Lots of great positive stuff there!

I have to be honest. I have been in front of this computer a few times now starting my Thanksgiving post and I stop each time. 2011 has been a tough one for me.

My ex had a new baby girl and our divorce was final (after 15 long months)
Brooklyn required feeding tube surgery
Brooklyn had her first trip to the ER via ambulance
My kids lost their insurance
Brooklyn started having seizures

This is not your typical "thankful" list for sure.

BUT....if I REALLY look at the list, my attitude changes.....Because of the divorce I have been able to officially close the door on that chapter of my life, begin to heal and move forward. Brooklyn's feeding tube had made her 24 pound weigh-in's a thing of the past - not to mention no more yucky tasting meds, they can all go through the tube AND no more horrific gas pain - we can vent her anytime! Her trip to the ER as we were surrounded by family, friends, and also her teacher and principal reminded me to be thankful that she is one SUPER LOVED little girl and that she has an amazing team at school cheering her on and supporting her (and me!) Due to insurance changes the kids lost their insurance but were both approved for disability medicaid (which of course is something I have a love/hate relationship with.) It allows me to not worry that medically my kids are provided for. As far as the seizures go - there is no real thanks for those honestly - but thankful for modern medicine and medical staff that help us take care of her needs!

SO yes, I am thankful.

As I continue to write I am flooded with more amazing things - Boston took his first steps this year, he said mamma for the first time, and started sleeping through the night in his own bed (well - not every night but SOME nights!)
Brooklyn although physically has had a rough year has been such a blessing - she LOVES going to school and to church and loves when her college buddies come over. She is such a joy to be around - she has a smile that can light up the darkest of days!


I am thankful.

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Chiot's Run said...

A beautiful list for sure, often the things we think we shouldn't be thankful for are the very things that change us the most and allow us to grow into better people. I'm thankful that you are so blessed with a wonderful family and community to support you through the tough times.