Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Tobii

For those of you in the 'Rett World" you will recognize this piece of equipment RIGHT away....It is a My Tobii! For the rest of my non special needs followers this is an AMAZING....we are talking LIFE CHANGING piece of equipment! It is a computer - only better! It comes the an attachment that allows Brooklyn to access the computer with her eyes. In this picture Brooklyn was able to choose what music she wanted to listen too! Yes. We have tried something similar through the school system before called the Dynavox that unfortunately did not work out so great with Brooklyn and the school (LONG story!) Anyway...we are trialing this device for a month and Brooklyn seems to really like it. It seems much easier to navigate than the Dynavox was. In this picture below Brooklyn was telling us her favorite color.
I could seriously get use to watching this little face LIGHT UP as she gets to communicate her wants and needs to us! I took this one from behind the MyTobii so you could see her looking at the screen, making her choices.

We will meet with the speech therapist once more time next week. Our hope is to go ahead and begin the LONG process of getting a MyTobii approved through our private insurance.....a device like this comes with a hefty price tag - we are talking $20,000. So....if you are reading this and are one of my friends who aways is asking what you can pray for - this is it - that our insurance will cover this speech generating device for Brooklyn!


Erica said...

love love love!

Lynn said...

This is so exciting!! We are in a trial period with one too.

Have you heard of Caroline's Cart? It was invented, by a mom I recently met, for her special needs child. Check it out at carolinescart.com . We need this in every store!