Monday, August 1, 2011


I LOVED the smurfs as a kid so I could not wait to introduce Brooklyn to the smurfs when the movie came out. It worked out great because my friend Shannon and her girls were in town visiting so we had quite the crew! It was a HIT! Brooklyn was laughing out loud at some of the funnier parts of the movie - which of course made it all the better for me too! Faith, Grace, Jordan, Jackson, and Brooklyn - all loved it!

A trip to the movies......just another "typical" kid sort of thing to do ;) We are pretty much kicking Rett Syndrome's butt this summer...and lovin every minute!


Mercedes said...

Thats a great smile Brooklyn!! :D

Tommie said...

I love that you're kicking Rett Syndrome's butt this summer. We're doing the same to 5p-'s butt. I took my girls to see the movie last weekend too (in Auburn) and we all loved it.

Wifey said...

So good to check up on you all again! Brooklyn is so inspiring. Hugs across the miles.