Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Horseback Riding

Every Monday night Brooklyn gets to ride horses.....usually "Uno." We had to take a few weeks off after her feeding tube surgery but have been back riding the past two weeks. I finally remembered to snap a few pictures.....look at this smiling face. I know she is not looking at the camera but this picture was just too sweet not to share!
She looks so tiny up on that horse! That is Cheryl behind her - Brooklyn's FAVORITE volunteer - she walks on side for support and I walk on the other.
We do a lot of sideways riding - her left hip is really giving her trouble lately and to spread her legs across the horse to ride front facing hurts quite a bit :(
We won't get to ride next Monday because of Labor Day.....shhhhh, don't tell Brooklyn! She hates when we have to miss!!!


Anonymous said...

Nora has horse therapy on Friday's and loves it. She always rides Firecracker (or Cracker as they call him). One Friday they showed up and there was a miniature horse there for some reason. Nora took one look at him and burst into tears! Like...what did you do with my horse!!! :) It was funny. Cracker was there, she just saw the tiny horse first. Gramma Myrna

canyonridescom said...

Cute! Horseback riding is so much fun!!!

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