Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to school??? NO WAY!!!!

Am I seriously gearing up for BACK TO SCHOOL already? Where in the world has this summer gone?? - I had such BIG plans for you summer! It has been almost 2 weeks since my last blog post and it was even a re-post of a friend of mine. Of course it was an AMAZING, heart wrenching exactly how I feel post but still - a reminder of what a blog slacker I have truly been.
I could use the excuse that I am too busy with my Rett Syndrome - Down Syndrome - Divorced Single mom life to blog but that is just a sad, sad, excuse really! I promise....moving forward I will be a better blogger :)
WHY???? Because I know you all love my kids (and some of you still even want to hear about me!) and I will stop letting you down......I am setting myself up for major failure here aren't I?!?!?! :)
Honestly though - you all have given me such love and support over the past four years that I have been writing this blog - I THANK YOU!!
Besides, Brooklyn starts first grade in less than two weeks - that means LOTS of new blogging material for sure! We have been a little bit of a slacker family with preparing for first grade - I had such HIGH hopes....BUT we have started working on our first grade sight words - thanks to the ipad and all the GREAT apps we have found! PLUS Boston turns two in less than a month and has started taking steps ON HIS OWN so yes....lots of blogging material for him too!
So.....for those of you who have just about given up on following my blogs - don't! I promise.....I am BACK.....and maybe even better than ever :)

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