Friday, June 10, 2011

NO WAY it's over!

I can't believe kindergarten is over already?! Where did that year go? Yesterday Miss Weber had an awards program for her class. It was so nice! She gave out "candy bar" awards. Each child received a candy bar based on personal experiences throughout the year. Brooklyn got a Snickers bar because of her amazing giggle. She talked about how when Broolyn giggles it is so infectious the whole class smiled. She also said how much she loved having Brooklyn in her class and that they all learned so much from her. Both she and I were tearing up! I have to thank Bre, she did such an amazing job including Brooklyn in Kindergarten! Sorry for the fuzzy picture but here she is with her award!

Brooklyn also has an amazing special ed team with Miss Julie and her crew (Granny, Stef, Heidi, & Laura) She was a pretty lucky girl - getting double the awards since she spends her time in both classes :)
Here is her certificate from the special ed kindergarten.
AND....her general ed certificate!
In Miss Julie's room there was a "hand" theme throughout the year. Each month they did an art poem project that they put together for an AMAZING "hand" book at the end of the year, here are a few of my favorite pages:

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Amanda Ellis, MT-BC said...

Congratulations Brooklyn on graduating Kindergarten! Awesome!!! :)