Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is Kindergarten really over????

Brooklyn had such an amazing kindergarten teacher - she is really going to miss Ms. Weber next year! Here is one with Brooklyn and her classmates :)

and one a little closer up and better lighting :)

It still does not seem possible that kindergarten is over - my little girl is growing up!

I do have to admit that tonight was tough. I know most times I am SUPER ULTRA positive on this blog. Yes - Brooklyn has had a GREAT year and I think everyone on her team is really starting to "get" her and Rett Syndrome. She was included into a general ed kindergarten and made some AMAZING little friends this year.

However, tonight was TOUGH! I found myself fighting back tears throughout the entire program. It was just one of those nights where I wanted Brooklyn to be one of the "other kids" out of her chair....jumping around...yelling out the songs off key in her loudest voice possible. Don't get me wrong - she was ALL SMILES and she LOVES her classmates and had a great time tonight. It was me that was having the trouble. It was just one of "those events" that come along that sneak up on me like a slap in the face and makes my heart sad.

I am so proud of her and am thankful for the friends she has made and am thankful for the parents of those friends that have raised their kiddos to be loving, accepting, sweet kids - such blessings to Brooklyn AND to me!


Tommie said...

Oh Kelly, it's okay to be sad at moments like this, moments that really show you how different life is for her. I get that. Even though my daughter walks and runs and plays with her peers, she's 'different' too (she has 5p- syndrome) and the older the gets, the more I fear these differences are going to show. None of us want our children to struggle, we'd give anything, do anything to stop that form happening. So a little sadness and/or whistfulness as you watched Brooklyn leave kindergarten behind is expected. You're human. You're a mommy. And Brooklyn (and Boston!) is lucky to have you.

Erica said...

kel, this had me in tears. i so know this feeling. i even felt it when I went to see the class Avery will be in next year-and all those kids have disabilities! but they can all do so much more than she can. its hard. so hard. im sending you hugs. you have given Brooklyn and all those kids such a gift by being a wonderful advocate!

Ann Marie said...

I'm so sorry you had a rough time, Kelly. I can't hardly believe Brooklyn is going to be in 1st grade. Love the pics!

What is it about this time of year? I cried at Abby's preschool graduation, observing kindergarten classes, IEP meetings, and the list goes on and on. For me, all the changes are just reminders of how things are not going to be how I imagined for Abby. It feels like a punch in the gut sometimes. Hoping you have a terrific summer and she has a super smooth transition into 1st grade!