Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Girl Power 2 Cure - Let's Cure Rett Syndrome Together

I am SO excited to share the Rett Syndrome PSA that Girl Power 2 Cure created!! Please share this with others - help us educate the world about Rett!


Debra said...

Very nice movie! Maybe I put him also on my blog! :D
I have a girlfriend with Rett Syndroom in Holland. She is now 14 and I'm 15.
Rett girls are very special girls. In Holland I go every year to the family day with all the Rett girls.
When I see my girlfriend (or somtimes another rett girl), I'm happy. She laugh every time.
I like it to go swim with her of go horse riding.

Girl power 2 cure!!!

With kind regarts,
Debra, from Holland

News said...

so intersted...like it