Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Excuse Me"

Sorry it has taken me a couple of weeks to post pictures of Brooklyn's head switch! The switch is mounted to her chair - the ball is placed on the left side of her head because she typically leans to her right (the start of scoliosis unfortunately we think) SO - she HAS to make her self lean her head to the left to tap the ball - this leads to less "accidental" tapping! The head switch is connected to her Big Mac switch which says "excuse me" (her friend Avery from kindergarten recorded it for her so it would be in an age appropriate voice)

SO.....this is HER version of "raising her hand" to get the attention of her aide, teacher, or friend! It is really pathetic that it has taken us this long to give her a way to get our attention but we have it now!

Once she has our attention, various communication board are used or even her yes/no cards in order to figure out what she needs/wants to say. Eventually I hope we can find an eye gaze computer system that will work just as well but for now....its a start!


Amanda Ellis, MT-BC said...

Love it!

Zenaida said...

Thank you Kelly! We really need something like this for Cristia Isabel