Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!

2011 is officially here!
I have to say that I am ok that 2010 is behind me, it was a rough one to say the least! However, it IS a new year...full of new possibilities! One thing that has not changed for me as I head into the new year is my passion for funding research for Rett Syndrome.
There has been so much exciting research throughout 2010 that I have NO doubts that 2011 is going to be a HUGE year for us as well. As January is upon us, GP2C hopes to start off the new year in a HUGE way and raise $11,111 in 1/11!! My goal is to personally raise $1,111 in honor of Brooklyn this month.
I am asking those of you who read this blog to donate $1.11 - that is NOTHING.......we are talking LESS than a cup of coffee here people. You may be thinking that your donation of a little over a dollar will not do much. YOU ARE SO WRONG. Think about your dollar adding up with all my other friends dollars!!! Of course if you want to do more I would love to see some donations for $11.11 or maybe even $111.11 come in :) I was looking at my facebook profile today....I have 916 friends. Just think...if they each gave a $1.11 I would be OVER my $1,111 goal for January!
I am starting things off....I just made my donation of $111.11 in honor of Brooklyn....will you join me? CLICK HERE.


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Oops! I donated to the general one and then I found the one with Brooklyn's name on it. Sorry! I donated to that one too. So you can get to your goal :)