Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our trip to Lexington!

We spent the weekend in Lexington with one of my college roommates (Shannon) and her family. We had an absolute BLAST! I think one of Brooklyn's favorite things that we did was watching faith during her hip hop dance class..she was ALL smiles the entire time!

Here is Brooklyn with Grace, Faith, and Noah outside of Brooklyn Pizza...of course we HAD to take a picture.
This is actually one of the few places where we didn't eat :)
I couldn't help but post this...too cute all of them watching with Brooklyn on her little DVD player.
Brooklyn adored Grace.....Brooklyn told Grace she was silly using her yes/no cards.....I have NO idea why she thinks Grace is silly :)
Group photo at lunch after church!
Now...if only Lexington were not a five and a half hour drive because I am ready to go back and visit again!!!

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Anonymous said...

Tori LOVED her dance class that was specific to kiddos with Special Needs. It was great for her physically as well as socially and even emotionally as it gave her some real confidence. It also helped that she was madly in love with her adorable teacher Josh. She cried when he got married. With her parents custody arrangements it had to go but we still dance around the house and she just danced with one of her friends in a church talent show and had the BIGGEST grin the whole time. Love that dancin' girl!
Babysitter to Tori 16 with Rett Syndrome and her 6 year old brother Max with Down Syndrome.