Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brooklyn thinks it is fun to help me out with Boston, well....that is until he starts pulling her hair or yanking her glasses off. Mom was able to snap this picture of the three of us cuddling when Brooklyn got home from school today!


Divine Mrs D said...

So cute!

Caroline said...

Hiya, thanks for the lovely comment you left on Seraphinas blog. Have enjoyed reading about Brooklyn and Boston..can certainly relate to the feeling of helplessness watching your little one in Nicu as Seraph was a 25 weeker,scary isnt it. Congratulations on having two wonderful fighters....and I have to ask,HOW do you manage to look after two complex needs children and still look so glamerous!!! amazing!
Dont know if you know Jen Dalton...she has a little girl with Retts too..feel sure you must as she is involved in Girlpower2cure too..anyways I am on her friends lists on FB so feel free to add me if you are on FB too x
God bless, Caroline x