Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brooklyn's NEW Chair came today!!!

Today was a BIG day! Brooklyn's NEW chair came today! Thanks to a local donor (who prefers to not be mentioned) Brooklyn got this AMAZING new x:panda high/lo chair. Here she is waiting patiently for it to be put together :) She gave us a huge smile the minute she sat in it for the first time! (and it is pink of course!)

Still smiling while they make some adjustments!
It has an awesome big tray...perfect for her books....and her Dynavox!!
I am in love with this chair and we have only had it for a couple of hours!!!! What a blessing! The best part is....the school ordered the exact same chair for her to use as well...YAY!!!! I want to say a BIG thank you to Miss Sarah for helping get everything arranged and also a HUGE thank you to our "angels" that donated this chair and helped make it possible for Brooklyn to have one at home too!! I can't forget Mark - who put them BOTH together today!!


Divine Mrs D said...

What an amazing blessing!!!

Erica said...

too bad you cant tell if she likes it! :)

Heather Maxwell said...

Nothing better than an unconditional smile of love...straight from the heart!! You can tell she loves and appreciates everyone around her. Congrats to you Brooklyn on your new chair. I love the color hot pink and it looks so good on you:)

Leightongirl said...

She is so happy! It's beautiful