Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tomorrow is the last of of preschool! Time sure does go by fast......Brooklyn has had some pretty amazing teachers and aides in preschool the past two years. I want to dedicate this poem (which was shared with me by another Rett mommy) to all of you!

The Choice:

You could have chosen to teach, where the grades are A-B-C's.
Instead your students make their marks in measured IEP's.

You could be simply standing in front of your classroom all day long,
Instead you're bending, stretching, lifting, while trying to stay strong.

You could have conversations with your students, deep in thought.
Instead you praise the effort of one tiny, little grunt.

You may not think I noticed, that you could have had so much more,
That you could have chose a different path, a different classroom door.

But you chose to be with us, picked the hardest job to do,
To make a difference in the lives, of kids who cannot choose.

Words can't come out to tell you, how much that means to me
My eyes look into yours, and it's a hero that I see.

How I wish that I was able, to come to you and say
How hard it will be to leave you, to grow up, be on my way.

If only you could hear the gratitude spoken by my own voice...
Instead, just know how much I love you, for making this choice.

Love & Hugs…


Divine Mrs D said...

That is beautiful!!

mj said...

I love this!!

Brittney Withers said...

LOVE IT! I'm going to use this idea, thanks!

Erica said...

heart it!!

The MacDonald Family said...

Ok, it made me cry. I'm stealing it, so beautiful!