Saturday, April 24, 2010


The best part of our trips to Chicago every six months for the Rett Syndrome Natural History study is seeing the other families!
This is Brooklyn with Darci - I met her parents two years ago at conference, they are so great! I love catching up with them. Isn't she the cutest??Cata is such a beauty -and just as sweet. She loved on Brooklyn, it was too cute. Too bad I could not get Brooklyn to look at the camera!!

Her daddy Kevin is on our Girl Power 2 Cure Executive Board and her mommy Dom and I have been blogging buddies for quite awhile now!Brooklyn took a short nap on Aunt Kristin in between her appointments today :)
We wrapped up the day getting to visit with Annie and her mommy Bridget (and daddy, Scott.) Bridget is on our GP2C mother's Advisory board and of course is a fellow blogger and facebook buddy! Annie is so stinkin adorable! They both look so cute in their pink pants!
Again....Brooklyn would not look at the camera, But Annie would!

And of course the main part of the day - Brooklyn's stats - not too bad. 28 1/2 pounds 38 1/8 inches tall and her BMI is at 13.8. So of course we need to keep up the calorie intake and continue to work hard on building muscle. They would like to see her gain 1/2 a pound each month until our next appointment in November.


mj said...

yay! that's so great. i loved meeting families and seeing other girls in person. it was a first for us in march and i'm so excited to go back in october!!

and brooklyn's stats are so similar to leah's. she's supposed to gain 1/2 pound a month as well. we're going to have to go to mcdonalds for every meal for the amount of calories she burns in a day. :)

Stacy said...

What great pictures!!! What a netwon awesome network of friends to have:) Can't believe how big Brooklyn is is getting. She keeps getting cuter and cuter:)

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good report. Janet