Friday, February 12, 2010

Preschool Party

Brooklyn was SO glad to be back at school today after being sick last week and then all of the snow days this week! Plus, today was the Valentine's day party! Hanging out with Miss Toni during story time!

Brooklyn in her KidWalk during table time - looking for hidden dinosaurs!!
Miss Amy, Brooklyn's Speech Therapist knows how to make balloon animals! Awesome!!

My sweet little Valentine had an amazing day today!


Nicki said...

Brooklyn is to die for beautiful.....and that Boston, OHHH gosh I have a thing for DS kiddo's with my own son with DS being now 11. Keep you chin up, life gets rocky at times with complex kids, but they will teach you things you never can imagine.
and remember just one step at a time is all that is required ;o)
Hugs Nicki (mumma to one DS miracle,one Complex CHD miracle and several other amazing miracles that bless my life!)

Anonymous said...

It really great to see all your friends againg, wasn't it Brooklyn? You had a big smile on your face the entire time!