Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hanging with the cool college girls!

Sarah and Lauren are two of the AMAZING college girls that are part of the Christian Campus house at Trine University. There are four gals that are volunteering to help me out Monday - Thursday from 4:00 - 5:30. They will spend some quality time with Brooklyn - playing, reading, and even doing some therapy. They are such a huge blessing to me!

Reading books we got from the library today
Playing Pretty Pretty Princes - Brooklyn WON :) Lauren had NEVER played it before - Brooklyn liked teaching her I think!
I look forward at watching the relationships blossom between Brooklyn and all the girls. I think they will all learn so much from each other!


Anonymous said...

How exciting for Brooklyn to have more girls around that want to help and learn! Great for mom too. What an experience these college girls will never forget in getting to touch one of these Rett girls lives. Gramma Myrna

mj said...

What a great idea! Win-win for everyone involved!!

Colleen said...

She looks so strong, healthy and happy! I just can never get over that beautiful little princess spirit. We wish she and Boston could come over for a tea party, it would be great fun. SO glad to see that you are getting such useful help, makes a huge difference!