Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dress Up 2 Cure 2010

April will be here before you know it and that means.......Autism Awareness Month and Dress Up 2 Cure 2010!!!
Our family has signed up Team Brooklyn again for this amazing fundraiser!! We ended up raising over $11,000 last year which was phenominal and my hope is that we can do just as well this year. I know times are tough but every penny, every dollar adds up........it adds up to fund research that might one day CURE Rett Syndrome and give us our daughter back. That is something that I can't even begin to put a price on! I ask you, can you give up your morning latte, maybe pass on that late night pizza, skip a movie rental one week???? I challenge you to toss that change/cash in a jar and at the end of April put it towards a cause near and dear to all of us......Rett Syndrome research and our CURE!!!
Or....maybe you are so pumped about Team Brooklyn that don't even want to wait until April??!! You can support Team Brooklyn TODAY! Click HERE to donate!

If you are a Rett Syndrome family and want to join in the FUN and register your own team, check out our Dress Up 2 Cure site to learn more and sign up today! (In case you need more incentive...there will be prizes this year for participants and top fund raisers...YAY!!!!)

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Carrie and Avery said...

i linked my blog to team brooklyns page! Maybe my peeps will help!