Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I can't believe that it has been almost a week since we were in Chicago and I have not blogged. Things have been a bit crazy in the butler house so I appreciate your patience with me!
Believe it or not, when we got to Chicago the battery in my camera was dead, ugh! I did manage to get this cute picture of Brooklyn and Cata though! Cata is another sweetie with Rett from MN. Her mom and I became friends online and it has been fantastic to get to meet her in person :)
Brooklyn's appointment with both her neurologist and the GI doctor went really well. She is at 28 pounds and at a 14 BMI, they were pretty happy with her weight and I am glad, we were a little worried because she has really slowed down on her eating. She does continue to do well with liquids though and gets LOTS of calories through her milk shakes and apple juice!
As usual it was great to see other families and I also want to apologize for anyone that I did not get to chat with(especially my facebook buddies!) We did the trip up and back quickly in one day to get back to town to be with Boston back at the NICU. The visit was a whirlwind for us really!


Anonymous said...

I am very happy that they are happy about her weight. That sounds funny oh well. She gained 4 lbs since last time right? Yeah Brooklyn she was so sweet on Friday kelly thanks for calling me to watch her. I miss seeing her.

Dominique said...

Cute picture Kelly! It was great to see you and Brooklyn and also nice to meet Charlie. Brooklyn is such a sweetie. She's going to love being a big sister!