Friday, September 11, 2009

Looks like Baby Butler is coming earlier that we thought

I had my 30 week appointment yesterday and ended up in the hospital. My OBGYN and also a prenatal - neonatal specialist did not like the look of the untra sound, mainly the blood flow through the umblical cord and he is measuring 3 weeks small which of course is cause for concern. Had a steroid shot to help develop the babys lungs as well. We were both hooked up to monitors and hanging in there.

This morning I had a follow up ultra sound - Baby is doing ok - healthy - heart looks good- all four chambers of the heart look great - brain looks great. The bad news is still the umblical cord - the blood flow is just not good at all and now they have some concerns with the placenta. I will get my second steroid shot at 3:30 this afternoon for further lung development.

I am here at Dupont hospital until they decide to do a c-section. They are going to re-evaluate every 12 hours - taking it hour by hour with a close watch on the baby - but want me here in labor and delivery "just in case." I absolutley love and trust my doctor and know they will do what is best.
I of course appreciate all of your prayers! We are hanging in there - it has been quite a roller coaster of emotion for me and for Charlie but we are ok!



Sara x said...

Sending all the love and prayers i can, hope all goes well xx

Sam and Finn said...

Praying for you guys. Stay strong, love you!

Avery said...

love ya kelly! Hang in there---everyone is praying for you and BBB!

Anonymous said...

We're praying for you all. You're going to have a healthy baby boy!

Love you,

Margie & George

Kevin Carr said...

Butler family,
We are praying for you and baby. We know that this is a difficult time. We will be praying without ceasing.

Kelly, Kevin and Owen

Erin A said...

We're praying!

Alisa said...

Oh Kelly, I know exactly the spot you are in right now. Just
and so many others will be doing the same and that alone will get you and your family through. Your medical staff will do everything possible and when he arrives he'll be in the BEST care as well. Hang in and hugs!!!
Alisa & family

Alisa said...

not sure where my one sentence went! The word PRAY wasn't there but I'm sure u gathered that :)))