Friday, September 4, 2009


I took Brooklyn into school today to meet with her PT, Miss Renee. The stander that Brooklyn used at school last year was not so great. Miss Renee saw a demo of the Kid Walk and LOVED it. She ordered one for Brooklyn's classroom and it was delivered today!

It is both a stander and a walker. Currently, Brooklyn does not initiate any steps on her own. We work at home and during PT on walking but she is fully assisted with each step at this point. Our hope is that the Kid Walk might encourage her to start initiating some steps on her own. Miss Renee helped her take a few steps over to me for a GREAT BIG MOMMY KISS! I am so proud of her!
Thanks Miss Renee for getting Brooklyn all set up with the Kid Walk!

To those of you who are always great about asking me what you could be praying for - it is that Brooklyn feels comfortable in her KidWalk at school and that it might lead to some walking for her! That would be so HUGE!


Anonymous said...

Great Job sweetie!

Kristy said...

That's awesome! We just got a kidwalk for Juliana in July and we've really loved it. Juliana is great at scooting in reverse but also hasn't initiated any steps forward. All in good time I guess!

abbysworld said...

I just saw one of these online the other day. I am so glad she gets to use it!

Chiot's Run said...

How cool for little miss Brooklyn!

By the Way - she looks great in that purple shirt - definitely her color :)

kristin said...

Too cool!! That sure is a fancy schmancy stander/walker Brookie!!

TMI Tara said...

WOW. This is adorable! I've never seen anything like it. I bet she just loves having her freedom! What a doll =)