Friday, August 7, 2009

More Communication boards

I thought I would post more of Brooklyn's Communication boards that we use around the house - we actually made them a good sized to fit in her back pack too (to take with us when we are on the go.)

This one is nice to always have near - for her to let people know that she wants to say something - the "show me more choices" helps us narrow down what it is she might want to say.

I placed an ink pen beside this one to show you the size of the cards.This is a nice basic one with (yes/no) and (finished/more) This one comes in handy when we are at a friends house - things she might want to do there.Drink Options

She is not consistant with this one, maybe there are too many pictures or we think maybe when she IS hurting she is just not in the mood to look over all her choices.

We use Board Maker to print all of these out and then I laminated them but they are also pretty study just on card stock alone. My next step is to get them all loaded on her laptop computer to and try having her scan through her choices.


Nita said...

Hey Kelly,

Have your purchased board maker software?

Nita( Mom to Anushka)

The MacDonald Family said...

Thanks for sharing these Kelly!! Annie has the "hurting" one too. This was the first one I ever made because that seemed to be the most important thing when trying to get her to communcate but she has never been succesful with using it either - when she hurts she doesn't want to talk - can't blame her!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Yes, we did purchase it - well, actually a family friend bought it for Brooklyn :) but you can get a 30 day free trial on their website to - use that time to print off lots of boards to try it out ;)

Dominique said...

Great boards Kelly! Thanks for sharing these. I find the hurt ones to be hard. The pictures with part of a body is not really the easiest to understand (I think at least). And then as you mention the whole problem of not wanting to communicate when hurt...makes it hard!

abbysworld said...

Oh I csn't wait. We were told our Boardmaker was on it's way 6 weeks ago. I'm going to need to get some tips from you!