Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fireman's Festival!

We are back in my hometown - Caldwell, OH this weekend! The local festival is going on and also this marks my 15 year high school reunion! I am sorry that I have not blogged since Wed but promise lots of cute pictures coming soon! We went to check out the festival last night and to let the kids ride some rides - this is Brooklyn's reaction after riding the cars with Jackson!

I have a feeling there will be more rides on the car ride before we leave town :)
Jackson's favorite is the airplane ride!


Anonymous said...

I suppose you'll bring me a T-shirt :) ... BUT ... really wish I was there! BOTH Brookie's and Jackson's reax to the rides is what the visit/attending festival is all about.

Enjoy the weekend at 'home', say hello to all AND see you soon.

LOVE, pappy

PS I also see you did not mention that it's also your Mom's HS Anniversary/Reunion Weekend :)

Avery said...

Looks like fun! Kel, we are all waiting patiently for an updated belly picture too!

Alisa said...

No idea you were from Caldwell, OH .. wow! Is that near Zanesville by chance? I'm from St.Clairsville and went to school with a family that is from Caldwell.. the Schott's? Small world you Ohio girl!!! Have fun, safe travels!

Cheffie-Mom said...

How fun!! The first photo needs a frame - I love it! Can't wait to see more photos!

Karen Norris said...

I just love to see Brooklyn's smile. She is such a happy little girl.