Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Extended School Year

We had another session of Brooklyn's extended school year therapy program today. Mimi and her daughter Rachael came over with Nancy today - Rachael shared some of her adapted toys! (Thanks Rachael - she loved your school bus!!)Also, I was SO excited...Brooklyn did some two-switch scanning today! I was so proud, it made me cry!She used the switch to the left of her head (the one with the ball on the end) to scan and then the pillow switch behind her head to make her choice! It was amazing! When we visited Susan Norwell in Chicago she mentioned that two switch scanning should be a goal of ours -to be honest, I just was not sure Brooklyn would be able to do it, would she "get" the concept? Well.....leave it to my little girl to prove me wrong! Of course she gets it!!!

I know I have said it before, but Brooklyn continues to amaze me! Just one more way she has shown us all that she is "in there" and that she is so smart and is just trapped inside that sweet little body of hers - it is up to us to help her get her voice out - I am so thankful that God has brought wonderful people like Nancy and MiMi into our lives that believe in Brooklyn!
They left ALL of the equipment so that we can hook it up to Brooklyn's computer this week and continue working with it - they also ordered all of the pieces for her to use in the classroom this fall - all of you special needs moms out there know what an amazing blessing that is!

WOW - what a day!!


Nita said...

It really means a lot when your child makes a 'choice'. We would like to talk to you if that is OK, our email id is ouranshu@yahoo.com. We are regional rep for MD.


The MacDonald Family said...

You were so happy you cried and I just got goose bumps reading this! Our girls are so smart and so strong! Way to go Brooklyn!! Keep up the hard work.

Kristin said...

That is AWESOME!!! Of course Aunt Kristin knew she could do it!! Right Brookie Beaner?!?!? I love you!

Brittney Withers said...

Yay!!!!! Way to go Brooklyn! You are such an awesome little girl! And Kelly, that is so great you have such wonderful people working with Brooklyn. Congrats on the equipment :)

Kelly said...

This is really exciting. How awesome to find so many ways for Brooklyn's voice to be heard. Thanks for sharing such exciting news!