Friday, June 26, 2009

Thanks Mom!

This post is for my mom.....who makes ME a better mom to Brooklyn. I have posted a lot of ideas lately on things we are doing with Brooklyn to help her communicate and play more independently - the truth is - Charlie and I are only able to do all of these wonderful things because I have a "Super Mom" myself! (Or I should say "Super Grammy"!)
Thank you mom for coming over during the week and helping us make sure that Brooklyn gets her PT along with all the playtime and communication work. Charlie and I appreciate all you do - and of course Brooklyn LOVES her Grammy!!!

(To all my Rett Mom friends - to totally wish I could clone my mom and send one of her to each of you!)


Avery said...

maybe Grammy would be interested in having a vacation at the beach and coming to work her magic on Avery-doo! :)

Anonymous said...

Your mother is truly a god sent angel to your daughter and your family. I know her and how much she truly loves you guys and would do anything for you all especially for Brookie Beanie as she would call her. I have also walked a few steps in Grandmas shoes as I used to do my best to show Brooklyn all those things as well. Brooklyn loves Grammy just as much you can tell from her smile when she see's Grammy. Go Grammy!!!

Grammy said...

Kelly & is a privilege to be able to work and play with Brookie Bean! As I have told you before, we wouldn't be anywhere else.....I love watching her as she learns something new and to see her eyes light up when she is giggling! God truly knew what he was doing when he sent her to are wonderful and patient parents, and have TAUGHT ME so much! I am looking forward to preschool this fall to see her use all the wonderful things she has learned and show everyone how much more she is "talking". Every day she puts a smile on my face and in my heart! I love you all so much!


abbysworld said...

Ok I was going to get on here and join the clone Grammy for us too bandwagon and then I read her post. She had more love in her little finger than most around us put together. I am so glad you appreciate her.

Brandi and Andrew said...

What a great Grammy! You are blessed and I am so glad that you have her to help you out.

Cheffie-Mom said...

... after meeting your mom and watching her super-grammy skills in action, Suzie raised my bar. She literally amped my awareness of everything a grandmother could be -- and, my grandkids one day will be eternally grateful !! You are very blessed. All of you!