Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another wonderful day in Alabama! Here is a sweet picture of Avery and Brooklyn before Cole's birthday party. (Cole is Avery's big brother.) Snuggle time with Carrie :)

Cole - getting ready to open all of his birthday presents!! Happy 6th birthday Cole!!
Thanks to Avery for sharing her Pappy with Brooklyn today!
Since Brooklyn's birthday is next Wednesday, they made a cake for her too....isn't it so cute?!?!?!
Cole's "Superfriends" cake!
Brooklyn's watching her candles being lit.
She thought it was pretty cool to get a cake too!
Thanks Cole for sharing your special day with Brooklyn! What a fun party! Tomorrow is our last full day here in Alabama.....bummer! We have had SO much fun hanging out with the Akins crew!


Avery said...

Im so sad that tomorrow is your last day here---cant wait to start planning the next trip, hopefully Charlie can join in!

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn ... I'm 'jealous' you already have a 'head start' on your B-day celebrations!! And belated B-day wishes to Cole ...

Finally, HAPPY MOM's DAY to Kel, Kristin and Suzy AND all our Rett Moms ... enjoy your day ... love, pappy

Grammy said...

How nice that Brookie Bean got to celebrate wtih a cakee...looks like she was all smiles. Happy Birthday, your cake, thanks for sharing with Brooklyn. You two look like you are having a great time! You derserve a break, Kelly! See you both on Monday.