Friday, May 8, 2009

Alligator Alley

Yesterday afternoon we went to Alligator Alley, it was pretty cool! There are over 200 alligators on this property. It was amazing to see them all. You can't see this in Indiana! FEEDING TIME!!

Brooklyn and Avery watching the alligators.Avery and the alligator
Brooklyn and the alligator
Carrie, Cole, and the alligator - all the kids did great with it!


Brandi and Andrew said...

Too cool! I love seeing the pictures of the girls together. My favorite is the one of the girls in the back of the car. They look so happy to be together. Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

I also like the pix of the girls in the car AND they seem so fascinated by watching 'feeding time' w/alligators.

Again, glad to see everyone is having a great time!! Enjoy the beautiful weather ... I was in Toledo yesterday and it rained all the way over there AND back!

Give the girls a hug for me, LOVE pappy

The MacDonald Family said...

Oh this looks like sooo much fun!!! Brooklyns face is priceless when the aligator is in front of her! The girls are just too beautiful!

abbysworld said...

I love that pic of Brooklyn. Just as it should be. Get that thing away from me!