Monday, April 27, 2009

Our trip to Chicago did not quite go as expected but we survived! Brooklyn was able to meet with Dr. Neul and Judy as well as Dr. Motil. She weighed only 24 pounds (but I mentioned in my last post she ended up sick.) Of course our goal is to get some weight back on her over the next 6 months. Her BMI is at 13.6 - they start to worry (and talk feeding tube) at 12. So far we are doing ok. Pray that we can pack on some pounds over the next few months!!
Poor Beanie had a rough weekend....It was also great to see some Rett families this weekend. Although I did not get my camera out until right before we left, ugh! We got to visit with Cata and her family and Darci and her family (but no photos!)
Then, after our appointment we spent some time with Annie and her family....what a cutie!

Brooklyn and Annie
Overall, it was not a bad trip. I just wish our appointment with Susan would have worked out and of course I wish Brooklyn would have felt better!


abbysworld said...

I'm so sorry. Did you break a mirror lately or something?
Hope you get to feeling better soon sweeties!

Caitlyn said...

I'm sorry the weekend didn't go as planned. Does Brooklyn like mac and cheese? We make what Eric calls "fatty mac." It is homemade mac and cheese...has 4 cups of whole milk, 2 cups shredded cheese...I also add blend 3 eggs in with the milk to add protein...I then freeze the left overs in portion sizes. Caitlyn loves it and it packs on the calories! I hope you can stay out of the danger zone.

Avery said...

kel, you can look at beanies eyes and tell she felt awful! poor baby :(

but look on the bright side, only 8 days until you come to see me!
Love ya'll

Lesley said...

I'm so glad she is feeling better, poor kid. She must be glad to be home. You too I am sure :)

Kelly said...

Sorry there were some rough times on your trip. Glad you had some good times too. Oh, and Kaelyn has the same brown shirt in that first picture. We have girls who look too cute (and now match) in their clothes!

Anonymous said...

We had the same issue with our daughter Anushka, We tried 'Liberte' organic yogurt. They come in differen fruit flavors and has 250 cal and 14 gm of fat in one serving.This helped us a lot.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Hi Kelly !! Wow, sounds like Chicago was full of surprises. Sorry Brook was sick, and Susan too. I saw grammy Suzy holding on at Chuck E Cheese. Couldn't tell if she still had 2 earrings, though !! You three gals inspire me. Love and hugs !!