Thursday, April 9, 2009

All the kids loved having the REAL bunny come to the classroom for their Easter Party!

Brooklyn being the "Title" of the story
Brooklyn had SO much fun making her Easter bag, finding eggs and playing with her friends - she absolutely LOVES preschool!!


Brittney Withers said...

How fun....Brooklyn, you are too cute!

Ashland Benner said...

Brooklyn, you are the cutest little girl in the world!! And that is an adorable Bunny, or "hunny" as Ashland would call it. We miss you, lots and hope we can see you soon! Enjoy your company with Miss Debbie this week and have a very Happy Easter! Sending hugs your way!

Alisa said...

"Hoppy" Easter Brooklyn,
Love the Parker's!

Avery said...

brookie, I cant tell if that is a face of fear or bewilderment?!?! you are so cute and I cant wait to get my hands on you---only 3 weeks nad 5 days (but whos counting!)

Sam and Finn said...

Happy Easter Brooklyn!!!