Saturday, March 7, 2009

A new talker!!!

Brooklyn received a wonderful gift in the mail last week, her Big Talk Triple play. It was a Valentine's present from Debbie L (a former co-worker of Pappy's) and Owen & Anna (her twin niece & nephew). It is even PURPLE!

I promise to get more video but she did use it in class to share her news yesterday, and it was a hit with all her friends in the class. This switch is great because it can be connected to battery operated toys as well as record & play back multiple messages for Brooklyn to share. We LOVE it! Thanks again, you all are so sweet for thinking of Brooklyn and providing her with such a wonderful gift!


Kristin said...

Brooklyn your new switch rocks!! Thanks for letting Jackson try it out too! We love you!

Anonymous said...

That is great! What an amazing gift. How fun that she will be able to communicate more with everyone.

We have just gotten some switches for Grace from our local Easter Seals to try and she really seems to understand the cause and effect behind them.

Avery said...

awesome, beanie!

abbysworld said...

I love it!!!!!!Arn't some people great? Yeah Brooklyn