Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Books, Books, Books

Yes, Brooklyn loves to read.

I thought I would follow up my last post. This bookshelf is ALL Brooklyn's, it is in our living room just for her. (I do not think we could squeeze another book in there.) It is one of her favorite things to do....I guess since Rett Syndrome often limits what she can do - we spoil her a little in this area - plus I come from a family of teachers who often buy books for Brooklyn. I think she also really loves the one on one time with me, daddy, Grammy - whoever is reading to her! Can't blame her for that! A small sample of her "collection" :)


Brittney Withers said...

What a lucky girl! :)

tyandrachealbenner said...

Woah! That doesn't even compare to our library and I thought we had a ton! I guess it just seems that way when we have to pick up every single one after Ashland pulls them all off to find his favorite farm book.

Enjoy all of your books, beautiful Angel!