Sunday, January 4, 2009

I wanted to catch up on some "Christmas Break" photos that were sitting in my camera. Here is Jackson and his dog Macy wearing their "bling" (Gag gifts from Uncle Charlie of course!) This is Luke (one of Brooklyn's buddies) enjoying one of Grammy's dipped pretzels!

This is Luke's brother Layton - he opted to try a green sugar covered candy canes :) He loved it even though in this picture does not look like!

Brooklyn and her buddy Brady (not sure how Brent avoided the picture!)
Since Brooklyn's COLTS are "out" she is making her new Super Bowl pick....(right Uncle Johnny?!)


Grammy said...

Brookie Beanie, your cousin looks like he is auditioning for MTV! He and Macy make a good team.

Uncle Johnny will love you pix in the Panthers' cap!

See you tomorrow...we get to go back to school and see all your friends....yah!


Aunt Kristin said...

Great pics!! I hope you have a great day at school tomorrow, I am sure you are looking forward to it a lot more than I am!!!!

Felt and Brandi said...

Kelly- My husband started reading your blog the other day as
I had it up on the computer. It really comforted him to see and read about Brooklyn. Since our diagnosis in October it has been hard to get him to read much of anything. Although our Andrew is a Rett boy, there are more similarities than that one difference. Brooklyn and your family's journey are definitely touching the lives of others.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Dipped pretzels! Yummy! Brooklyn looks precious in her Colts hat! Go Colts!