Friday, January 16, 2009

I have had a few people ask me about this cute little widget on the side of my blog. I am glad you like it! Ingrid designed it for Girl Power 2 Cure. It is a great way to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome!
So, if you have a blog or a web page; I encourage you to add it to YOUR page too! Simply click on the widget which will take you to our site then click "Get Widget" to generate the code you need. It is that easy!
Thanks for helping spread the word about Rett Syndrome!!


Anonymous said...

Kelly - As you know, I just added this widget to my blog. I love it and plan on keeping it up for a long time.

Thank you for your comments on my blog and for your support while we waited for the results of Grace's test. I really appreciate you reaching out to me the way you did.

I'd be happy to be linked to your blog. I'm planning on adding a section of Rett's girls I'm following and helping to get the word out about the fact that we still need a cure.

All the best, Anne

Stacy said...

You're welcome. We love keeping up with your blog, why not help spread the word!!! I love your new pic on the top of your blog. She is adorable:)