Monday, December 22, 2008

I wanted to share this email I received from Monica at RSRT with all of my friends and family. For anyone looking to make an end of the year donation; RSRT is a great organization to support!!Dear Friends and Supporters,

2008 saw the launch of the
Rett Syndrome Research Trust. In the wake of the 2007 research breakthrough giving us hope of reversibility, the Trust gathered together a stellar group of advisors and speedily identified the basic next steps from this milestone. Our first five projects are underway. They encompass international scientific collaboration and have attracted the support of other advocacy organizations, both in the US and abroad.

Many of you know that I have a daughter with Rett Syndrome. Rett Syndrome has already robbed her of her childhood. She is in a wheelchair, unable to speak or use her hands, fed through a feeding tube, and suffers debilitating and daily seizures (this is not by any means the full list of symptoms). My work with RSRT is personal. My daughter reminds me each and every day that we do not have a moment to waste.

As Executive Director of the Trust, my response to this sense of urgency is to keep the organization rigorously focused. With minimal overhead expenses, and free of any structural or bureaucratic impediments to moving quickly as new information is developed, the Trust employs a uniquely agile and aggressive approach toward our goals. Through innovative networking based on a decade of experience, we continue breaking new ground to expand the number of brilliant minds working on Rett and MECP2 disorders. The most recent RSRT meeting, held this month, succeeded in immediately engaging new scientists and labs in a dynamic exchange of ideas. The result is that novel, high quality projects are already taking shape, and our cause is now on the radar of a fresh set of powerful thinkers.

All of you who have financially supported RSRT have my deepest appreciation. Your support has launched our initial projects and funded invaluable workshops. While working to ensure the completion of our five projects on or ahead of schedule, we now have a handful of new explorations waiting in the wings. Would you consider making another donation to RSRT before the end of the year? Would you consider forwarding this email to your relatives, friends and colleagues, and encouraging them to support us?

For those of you who have not yet supported RSRT, please consider doing so now. You will be supporting high-impact research undertaken by elite scientists. Help us get 2009 off to a strong start. With your help and some luck the following year will be one of significant progress.

On behalf of the trustees and volunteers of RSRT we wish you and your families a joyous holiday season. May 2009 bring health, success and happiness.

Best wishes,
Monica Coenraads
Executive Director

Looking for a Hit: 3000 donors for 3000 drugs
RSRT is committed to testing 3000 drugs and compounds in an animal model of Rett Syndrome to identify any that may improve the multitude of symptoms. Each drug costs $168 to test. To fund this project in its entirety we need 3000 donations of $168.

To date 750 drugs have been sponsored. We are 25% of the way there. Join us and help us get this done! CLICK HERE TO DONATE!! Click on Brooklyn's name and your donation will be made in Brooklyn's honor!

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