Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Preschool Photos

I have gotten behind on posting preschool pictures so I thought I would catch up today! (Also, I have had the chance to talk with more of the parents to get their ok to post their kiddos on the blog!) Brooklyn LOVES her friends at preschool so I am so HAPPY that I can share some of the fun with you!

Musical Chairs -with a little help from Miss Gillie
Brody and Brooklyn working with the letter "B"

This is Brooklyn's chair she uses at school.
Brooklyn took in her Wiggles dolls for show & tell - they were a hit!! local high school students come to work with the preschool kiddos occasionally
Playing in the leaves!
Having fun in the rocks


Avery said...

cute. Beanie, is Brody your buddy?

Avery said...

Kel, what kind of shoes is brooklyn wearing in the picture of her in her school chair? (not the crocs)

abbysworld said...

Abby uses the same kind of chair with a wedge under her butt!
I wish I could get pics up Abby's buddies at school. She loves them.
Brooklyn looks so happy!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Awwh! Friends are the best. It looks like Brooklyn is enjoying school. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I can't wait for Brooklyn to get her prize!!

Sam and Finn said...

WOW! We love playing in the leaves and rocks!! We have to play together again soon!