Saturday, November 8, 2008

Breakfast @ MiMi's Cafe

Our Cincinnati fun continued this morning at Mimi's Cafe for Breakfast with the Simko Family and the Rhodus family (we were missing Will and Ezra though!) Jessica I met via the blog though Kimberly and she has been a part of my life ever since! Kimberly and I were "neighbors" in the dorm and have remained in each others lives since then. I am so thankful that God brings (and keeps) amazing women into my life!! I LOVED seeing you both and of course having an great breakfast!!!

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Jessica said...

Kelly, it was SO great to meet you guys today! I feel lucky to have had the opportunity. Brooklyn is a real sweetheart! It's really strange to meet off a blog... It didn't seem like today was the first time I met you...

(and I was waiting for you to post so I could steal your picture for my blog.. mine is all fuzzy.. :)