Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thanks Miss Renee!!

Miss Renee (my PT) brought me a seat to try out at home. It is a tumbleform seat and I love it! On Tuesday I was not feeling so hot (and was running a fever) so I could not go to school. I tried out my new seat and watched The Wiggles. (and of course Grammy spoiled me rotten - she even bought be these super cute PRINCESS tissues!)

Luckily, I am feeling much better! I was able to go back to school yesterday in time for Grammy's party.....YEAH!!!


Cheffie-Mom said...

What a sweet Grammy! I'm glad Brooklyn is feeling better. (:

Avery said...

Beanie, you are so sweet. I love that your girlpower kitty is sitting with you.

abbysworld said...

Bless her heart. We can't wait to get our Kitty. That looks just like the seat in Abby's stroller we are picking up tomorrow!