Thursday, October 23, 2008

Help us find a treatment......Sponsor Brooklyn!

Rett Syndrome Research Trust is looking for 3000 donors for 3000 drugs. RSRT has committed to testing every FDA-approved drug for efficacy in treating symptoms of Rett Syndrome.

What is a large-scale drug screen, and why must it be undertaken? Clinical trials are the endpoint of a drug discovery process that takes 12 years and costs many hundreds of millions of dollars. A possible shortcut to this process is to identify existing drugs that have the ability to improve Rett symptoms.

RSRT has therefore approved the careful and methodical screening of all 2000 FDA-approved drugs plus 1000 compounds. “Hits” (drugs or compounds showing improvements) will be immediately evaluated and fast-tracked directly to clinical trials.

This is crucial work that is ready to go. We call out to every friend and family member of our daughter Brooklyn to speed this project quickly towards completion by sponsoring a drug for $168. All of our girls afflicted with Rett Syndrome deserve a better future. Help us take an essential step forward!

You can Sponsor a Drug in honor of Brooklyn by clicking here. (Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see her adorable face - click on her name and it will allow you to donate!!)

We are part of a "family challenge" to see how many drugs we can get sponsored in Brooklyn's name; so we are excited to see what happens! We get notified of each sponsorship so I will let everyone know how we are doing along the way!!!!

Thank you for making a difference in Brooklyn's life and in the lives of thousands of little girls suffering just like her!

***If you are a Rett Syndrome family and would like to have your daughter listed on the RSRT site for drug sponsorships please email your child's name and picture to .

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