Saturday, September 6, 2008

Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Friday evenings are Brooklyn's favorite, because she spends them with Loyd out at the Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center. Loyd is the beautiful horse you will see in these photos. Brooklyn's balance and core strength has improved dramatically since we have started the riding. However, the best benefit is that she LOVES it!

She does sit ups on the back of the horse as part of the therapy. The first time she sat up on her own I about cried! Now.....this past Friday she did 10 sit ups! She is getting so strong!

We LOVE everyone at the riding center, they are all so amazing and love Brooklyn so much. It is something we look forward to every week! It looks like I have a little cowgirl on my hands!


Sam and Finn said...

Yee haw!! That is amazing Brook!

Grammy said...

Brooklyn, Pappy and I loved watcing you last night! You are getting so strong. It's quite evident you loves your "ponies" (that's what Pappy calls them, doesn't he?) You sit up so straight on Loyd...I think he likes you riding him as much as you love him!


Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

Riding is the highlight of our week also. Unfortunately, we didn't get to ride this week because of all the rain. The top of the arena is covered, but the sides are not enclosed. After several inches of rain the ends of the arena were flooded. Our riding center is 45 miles away. If it was closer, we would ride three days a week!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Brooklyn! You keep up the good work!

Kelly and boys

Avery said...

brooklyn, avery and I are so proud of you! Keep up the good work! loves and hugs!

georgiamom said...

Wow, she's doing really well! Keep it up!!