Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dad's photos

My dad makes me laugh....he is never without a camera. Of course it is one of those throw away Kodak cameras! Which in turn, it is not easy to use his photos to blog. He did have some a few that he wanted me to post so I scanned them.

This one is Brooklyn playing with her interactive My Little Pony. It sings and shakes it's head and tail, pretty stinkin cute actually!
This was taken while Grammy & Pappy were babysitting, you all know how cute she is after bath time!
Here are my mom & dad's cars showing off their new Girl Power 2 Cure car magnets!
Thanks for the pictures dad!


Cheffie-Mom said...

Your pictures are always wonderful. Brooklyn is such a happy girl! I love the fun in the sun picture! Have a wonderful week!

Avery said...

Pappy, those are great pictures! That must be where Kelly gets her love of photography from :)

Brooklyn, do you think that Avery would like one of those ponies?

Grammy said...

Kelly, we kid your dad about his "throwaway" cameras, but he always gets the good shots - I guess we need to stop teasing him!