Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Three wheelin' fun!!

I really want to get Brooklyn an adaptive tricycle. She could ride it outside now but then in the winter we could take it to preschool where she could use it in the gross motor room. I will be working with her PT on choosing the right one for her - there are quite a few to consider really. If there are any recommendations you want to make PLEASE leave me a comment! I am open for suggestions, especially from those of you who have made a purchase like this!


Lesley said...

Sarah has the Freedom Concepts Discovery bike. I have been very happy with it.
here is a link to her riding it:

Heather said...

we also have a freedom concepts - although i think the model we have is a bit different than sarah's we've been very happy (we actually got ours through a grant program at a local hospital). it was a little big at first so we added some foam padding to the foot rests until she got taller (we didn't want her to outgrow it too quickly so got it a bit big). Before we had the freedom, we just modified a radio flyer trike by adding a seat belt (from ketrike) and velco to keep her feet on the pedels.